Commercial & Residential Refrigeration


The process of refrigeration is generally used for air conditioning in commercial buildings and residential properties, as well as for commercial uses in refrigerating foods and other perishable merchandise in restaurants and warehouses. Additionally, niche industries may use the process of refrigeration in their manufacturing or testing of products and equipment.

At Accurate Air, our technicians specialize in refrigeration for many unique purposes, and can customize a system to meet your needs and budget.

Common Refrigeration Systems we Install and Maintain

Thermoelectric Refrigeration

Used for cooling electronic instruments and coolers, or in situations where different types of materials are used together in one piece of equipment.

Gas Cycle Refrigeration

Most commonly used in jet engines, this method is generally not an efficient method of cooling in most commercial and residential applications.

Vapor Compression Cycle Refrigeration

Vapor compression is one of the most common household applications for cooling, as this is what most household refrigerators run on, where Freon or a similar refrigerant is run through a compressor and condenser and then funneled into the refrigerator through a fan system.

Vapor Absorption Cycle Refrigeration

Vapor absorption is most commonly used in situations where electricity is not available, and the main source of energy is derived from fuel, such as with RV’s / Campers, and in industrial environments.

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