Air Conditioning Installation:


Our Installation Technicians take pride in their work and it shows. That is something we are proud of and you can be too. How many times have you driven by a business or home and noticed the air conditioning unit sticking out like a sore thumb? Pipes running up the walls, usually not very straight or leveled? There is a definite difference between the company just making a quick sale and a Professional, caring company like Accurate Air. You can see some examples of our work on our FAQ’s page.

Whether you are just starting a new project or looking to upgrade existing equipment, we would be happy to supply you with a quote. Our staff is always friendly and will answer all of your questions promptly. Ask us about low-cost Energy efficiency improvements that can be obtained from devices such as setback thermostats and zone dampers.

If you are a commercial entity, ask us about upgrading your existing equipment to high efficiency equipment which will lower your energy cost and allow you to pass that savings onto your customers, increasing your competitive edge.

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