Cross Insurance

Project Description:

Cross Insurance purchased this 64,000 square foot commercial class “A” office building in the summer of 2011. Upon occupancy found that throughout the building the temperature was extremely difficult to control and maintain, resulting in an uncomfortable working atmosphere. The owners of Cross Insurance being in a class of their own and caring deeply for the comfort and well being of their employee’s, tenants, customers and guests requested the services of Accurate Air to investigate the HVAC system. After performing a thorough investigation Accurate Air determined that the entire system had aged, that proper maintenance had been neglected for many years and the system was in dire need of an overhaul. Cross Insurance was determined to utilize top of the line equipment and materials available today to bring this building into the 21st century while increasing energy efficiencies.

Project Narrative:

Accurate Air contracted the services of WV Engineering Associates to work with us on developing a plan to upgrade the system and improve efficiencies. After many months of planning and developing, by the summer of 2012 the project was designed and we were to proceed with construction. With this said we had to develop a stringent plan as we understood the difficultly of performing this undertaking as the building was occupied. Thus, we put a plan together to utilize “swing” space construction to allow us to segment the building into phases by moving individuals from areas so we could perform our tasks.

Task 1:

Our first task at hand was to take the old water cooled chiller system offline and install a temporary chiller system as the old chiller was repeatedly breaking down and a 12 week lead time for the new chiller was expected. Since we were amidst the summer cooling season, Cross Insurance did not want their employee’s, tenants, customers and guests to experience uncomfortable conditions thereby requiring a temporary fix until such time as the new system could be placed on-line. This was very challenging in that the deteriorating cooling tower was below ground level, in a confined space, located on the side of the building, adjacent to a very busy public roadway in downtown Manchester. Accurate Air disconnected, drained, and prepared the tower for removal. The removal of such required the services of a 50 Ton crane, contracted by the American Crane Company, as well as a police detail provided by The Manchester Police Department. Accurate Air then on July 30, 2012 rented a temporary air cooled chiller from Carrier Rental Systems, hoisted in place by National Machinery Movers, and provided installation of such. Said services were performed on the weekend to provide the least amount of disruption to the employee’s, tenants, and customers of Cross Insurance as well as to the general public; as it required the complete closing off of Wall Street in downtown Manchester. The temporary chiller was up and running for the following Monday morning, thereby having no impact on Cross Insurance’s and its tenant’s ability to operate its services.

Task 2:

The next task was to demolish the old boiler system, original to the building circa 1962. Prior to demolishing and removing the old boiler system, we had to perform asbestos removal and abatement. Asbestos removal services were provided by Accolade Environmental Contracting Corporation, PO Box 1256, Plaistow, NH, the asbestos testing and HEPA Boiler Tent Containment (see Exhibit B; Supporting Documentation). Once this was completed, the old boiler bank was then removed from the building. This was challenging as this old boiler plant was original to the building and had to be demolished and taken out in pieces. The new Viessmann boiler plant was then set into place in the mechanical room by National Machinery Movers, and installed by Accurate Air. These services were completed on August 30, 2012, just in time for the heating season.

Task 3-A:

The third task was to remove the outdated pneumatic controls, VAV boxes, ductwork and mechanical hot water piping and install new digital control system, VAV boxes, ductwork, mechanical hot water piping and pipe/duct insulation. This task was particularly difficult as the building was/is occupied, thus we needed to work with our “swing” space plan to relocate individuals. This required Dan Giardini, Foreman of Accurate Air to set up staging in one section, crews then completed that section working second shift then removed and re-staged for the next section. This required grand cooperation from Cross Insurance and their tenants. Christopher Sharp, CIC President of Cross Insurance and his team were very accommodating and cooperative, thereby allowing this task to go as smoothly as possible. Due to time constraints we enlisted the services of Granite State Plumbing and Heating, 10 North Riverdale Rd., Weare, NH for supplemental labor and Merchant Electric, LLC for electrical services. We also enlisted the services of Viking Controls to install the new DDC Johnson Control Package. (see Exhibit A; Supporting Documentation)Viking Controls did a fantastic job! Peniel Environmental Solutions, 1032 Mason Road, Wilton, NH was contracted to perform asbestos testing on the core piping in the occupied areas throughout the building. To our surprise and excitement no asbestos was found as this would have slowed progress drastically. This portion of the project was completed in March of 2013. See Exhibit C; Supporting Documentation for the City of Manchester Building Inspectors Notice of Inspections; Oct. 24, 2012 – Rough Ductwork, Feb. 4, 2013 Rough Ductwork – Left Back, Feb. 15, 2013 – Ductwork Final – Left Back, Mar. 3, 2013 – Bathroom Exhaust.

Task 3-B:

The second part of task 3 to happen simultaneously with the first part detailed above was to replace the old water cooled chiller system with a new air cooled system. This required us to build up the bunker where the old cooling tower was located. We enlisted the services of Allen D. Hendershot d/b/a ADHCO, 30 Hanover St. #406, Manchester, NH who he and his team did a fantastic job and had it ready to go for us to install the two new 130 Ton remote condensers by November 2012. We then demoed and removed all the hydronic piping and installed the new refrigeration piping to the two new remote condensers located in the newly raised bunker outside the building. Piping insulation was performed by KB Insul Tech, Inc., Po Box 46, Sanbornton, NH. The new chiller system was in place and ready for 2013 cooling season.

Overall this was a challenging project as this building was fully occupied and is constructed with abnormally high ceilings, thus most work was performed on Scissor Lifts provided by TJM Rental and Supply, Inc, PO Box 481, Canton, MA.

Thanks to the hard work of all involved everything went very smoothly with little interruptions to progress. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the expertise and participation of the following Accurate Air staff on this project for without their involvement this project we may not have had such a favorable outcome, they are as follows: Conor Devoy, Service Manager, Daniel Giardini, Project Foreman, Robert Boulter, Master Electrician and Service Technician.

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