Q: Is there anything that should be done to my heating and air conditioning system to keep it operating like new?

A: Yes…regular maintenance is the best way to insure that your system or any mechanical system operates at peak performance. Think of it like your car…you wouldn’t continually drive your car with out having the oil changed ….would you?

Q: I heard that Preventative Maintenance Programs were a rip off, is that true?

A: Unfortunately there are some companies out there that just change a filter and run with the money…giving the rest of us a bad rap. We at Accurate Air do a thorough check, see our Preventative Maintenance Program page for more information .

Q: I had a guy come in and say that my indoor coil needed to be cleaned and that it was going to cost me a lot of money…why?

A: The Evaporator coil can get dirty for a number of reasons, the most common is the filter not being cleaned regularly. If the coil has to be removed from the system to be cleaned, then it can drive the cost of the repair up. Usually the coil can be cleaned with-in the unit.

Q: I have a lot of dust and dirt around my vents. I change the filter every month but still can’t get rid of it…why?

A: Dust and dirt around your supply vents is usually caused from loose duct fittings or a poor installation practices. The best thing you could do is have your duct system cleaned and then sealed to prevent this from happening again.

Q: Is annual maintenance really necessary?

A: Yes…with maintenance on a regular bases you can save on repairs and energy cost…as much as 50%!!!

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